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To my surprise, the choice of the Year Three class for the movie to watch on the last day of class was… *Mary Poppins*.

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Sep. 21st, 2016 05:46 pm
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1, It turns out that as well as *American Ninja Warrior*, there are a whole host of other versions. In Japan, the UK, France! I am the last one to board this train!

2, I have much of next week off.

3, We will be going to the Royal Show on Saturday 1st October if anyone wants to join us at the Rabbit Pavilion. I am hoping we may get to watch the pig diving again, as it was pretty much the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. (For random reasons, the pig diving board is right outside the Rabbit show.)

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Sep. 20th, 2016 06:19 pm
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1, I was number 47 in the recall list for the book taking apart the dysfunctional relationship between former PM Abbott and his chief of staff. It has finally come in, in time for me to join a conversation that ended about six months ago. What schadenfreude to read of the screaming matches in the corridors of Canberra, of Tony running out of meetings to get parliamentarians to apologise to Peta, of MPs being embarrassed when dining with them because she fed him. After running a campaign of relentless sledging of the Labor government for being too personality driven and dysfunctional, and after boasting that ‘the adults were in charge’, it is a real pleasure to read about scenes that, aside from the constant F bombing, would be better played out in a high school.

2, I feel that I have raised my daughter right. Pearl selected “Singin’ in the Rain” to take in to school for consideration for watching in the last week of term. I doubt very much she will secure many votes but she was very pleased with herself for identifying something that she felt would appeal to both boys and girls. OTOH, Ruby requires a little more instruction as she refused to watch *The Sound of Music* and chose *Mary Poppins* instead. It’s good, but governesses called Mary are not a patch on governesses called Fraulein Maria.

3, I will be able to take Dad to dialysis tomorrow.

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Sep. 19th, 2016 06:15 pm
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1, I am really looking forward to the circus next week. I am bringing my Mum and sister as well as the kids. I hope they like it too.

2, I have begun watching *American Ninja Warrior* and I am surprised at how much I like it. Much of what I like is the unrelentingly positive coverage the MCs give. They have ridiculous, shouty American voices but what they are actually saying is a barrage of positivity.

This, combined with the way the competitors cheer on the others, makes it much more enjoyable than traditional team sports. I am watching it with the kids, with much moralising about how they practice hard and constant exclamations about how strong the women are.

(To combine these two points, someone with a circus background would do well in *American Ninja Warrior* - so far the best I’ve seen have been rock climbers, Olympic gymnasts and people who make their living doing TV stunts.)

3, We had our Threatened Species party and made some money for bilbies, gorillas and cheetahs. I’m pretty sure they could all do with a helping hand. Thanks to those who attended.
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Cheetah Conservation Fund - $17.75

Save the Bilby - $20.50

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - $16.50

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Sep. 15th, 2016 06:19 pm
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1, My cold and cough is so bad that I took yesterday off work. I rested in the morning and in the afternoon ran some errands.

2, The gluten free gingerbread house kit has arrived. Yummy and somehow the Ikea-type flatpack house stays together.

3, I enjoyed the circus so much last time that I have booked tickets again. And I am taking my Mum and sister as well.

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Sep. 13th, 2016 06:40 pm
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1, Dad has started dialysis. Considering it has been imminent since November 14, this is a huge relief. It should make him feel better and once the timetable for dialysis is set up we’ll have a much better idea what the pattern of life will be like.

2, I got to choose the art from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs for our office. Very exciting.

3, The Stucky Big Bang is out, so there are heaps of new, long stories.

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Sep. 12th, 2016 05:57 pm
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1, We went to an Educated by Nature event on Saturday and the girls very much enjoyed working with tools. Pearl liked the hand drill and made a lot of holes in some soft wood. Sophia then hammered nails through. They made a sculpture of a hedgehog which impresses me.

2, The girls let me sleep in the afternoon since I felt so rotten. When I awoke I discovered they had eaten a litre of ice cream while watching *Aladdin*, but still, I got to sleep.

3, People were kind enough to come over on Sunday which was good because the girls were super boisterous and needed to run about while I talked to an adult.


Sep. 10th, 2016 06:23 pm
And everything else continues to be enormously depressing. I realise I am only doing this to myself, but reading *Black Out* and *All Clear* has sent me off to reading WWII history which is pretty depressing, especially the stuff on the rise of Nazism which (Godwin award) is even more like our current circumstances than I had realised. I understood that the general outlines of the situation are similar – economic turmoil leads to a lurch to the right. I had not realised how precisely they matched. The appointing of Hitler to the Chancellorship with the expectation that his more seasoned right wing partners would pull him into line, perhaps some senior Republicans could read about how well that worked.

A ray of sunshine (but not). Reading about Dunkirk made me think what a good movie it would make. Unlike Pearl Harbour, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. And lo, one will be released in 2017.
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Twenty years ago WWF-Australia helped create Threatened Species Day as a way to shine a light on Australia’s threatened species and encourage greater support of Australia's unique natural heritage.

You are invited to our annual Threatened Species party!

Where: the common area at our house

When: 10 til 12 on Saturday 17th September

What to bring: a gold coin donation for an animal conservation charity!

This party will be gluten free.

Donations will go to – Cheetah Conservation Fund (cheetah.org), or Jane Goodall Gorilla Foundation (janegoodall.org) or Save the Bilby Fund (savethebilbyfund.com)
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I have been feeling pretty miserable lately and on reflection this is for really good reasons, not just my tendency to miserable introspection.

To give an example, I took leave last week to attend and help out at the sports carnival. Which was fine in itself but the day started with the parent of one child dying of an overdose and ended with the 14 yo sibling of another child dying unexpectedly of a heart condition. Literally, two people dead, one day, one tiny school. I remember the girl who died, because of course she went to the school. Her parents were at the sports carnival watching their other kid. Jesus, those poor people.

Letter swap

Sep. 4th, 2016 05:23 pm
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My kids have managed to send out their letters for the swap. Now awaiting the return post!
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JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 2016 Play
Corona Pilgrim Captain America: Civil War, Prelude 2016 Graphic Novel
David Weber On Basilisk Station 1993
Enid Blyton The Secret Island 1938
Connie Willis Blackout 2010
Peter Stansky The First Day of the Blitz, September 7, 1940 2007 New
Julian Thompson Dunkirk: Reteat to Victory 2008 New
Joyce Lankester Brisley Milly Molly Mandy Stories 1928 Short Stories
Joyce Lankester Brisley Milly Molly Mandy Again 1948 Short Stories
JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 1997
Joyce Lankester Brisley More of Milly Molly Mandy 1929 Short Stories
Agatha Christie The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding 1960 Short Stories
Joyce Lankester Brisley Milly Molly Mandy and Co 1955 Short Stories
Joyce Lankester Brisley Further Doings of Milly Molly Mandy 1932 Short Stories
Joyce Lankester Brisley Milly Molly Mandy and Billy Blunt 1967 Short Stories
Agatha Christie Nemesis 1971
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1, I am pleased that the next *Thor* movie is being partly filmed in Australia and is apparently a coffee shop AU where Thor and Loki spend a lot of time choosing lattes together. Good, they need to talk.

2, Ruby made up a song: ‘You want me to say hello to the baby, but they baby is too young. I say hello, the baby says googoo.’ Clearly inspired by the Beatles.

3, Pearl’s NAPLAN results are not nearly as bad as the teacher had warned. I’m very pleased that she did well in reading, since this is a constant pleasure in my life.
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Documents from the Out Tray of Hermione Granger, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (Being Division)

by me

in Archive of Our Own.
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For once we had a nice, relaxing weekend.

We made costumes for Book Week. Pearl is going as Aslan from *The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* and Ruby is going as the pink crayon from *The Day the Crayons Quit*.

We did some craft, went to the park and also went to the zoo. All easy and cruisy.

I was able to enjoy the weekend because I spent so much time the week before doing boring adulating. I did the census, filled out my tax forms, paid my rates and water bill and sorted out the children’s letter writing campaign. I anticipate a $65 tax refund which I have already spent on a forthcoming book on the oil paintings of Frank Dicksee, a painter who was technically competent and who was wired into the Victorian id but who is not remembered in the way Leighton or Waterhouse are.

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I will send out the assignments to you today. Each kid will write three letters and should receive three letters. Your child can write whatever they want, or draw, paint, or send something they’ve made. The idea is to get a pleasant surprise in the mailbox.

I’ve tried to match kids by age.


Aug. 19th, 2016 01:50 pm
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Rio has failed to achieve my minimum standards for an enjoyable Olympics. I do not like Australian swimmers saying it is good to beat cheaters; Chinese media saying Australians are all rude because of the convict factor; Egyptian sportsmen refusing to shake hands with Israeli competitors; boxing judges being sent home in disgrace; cameras hurtling out of the air to land on viewers; gymnasts breaking their legs; American soccer players saying the opposition played like cowards; massive Russian doping scandals; ‘journalists’ outing competitors; gold-winning gymnasts being showered in racist criticism from their own side; the darn mascot being shot.

This Olympic was so dire that I have instead been watching footage of the 1908 London Olympics. Now there’s a set of competitors!

(NB: 1908 also had ridiculously petty conflict, such as the Americans failing to dip their flag to the reigning monarch and the British being given a do-over in the sprint. Also, did you know it set the standard for the marathon based purely on where the Windsor Castle nursery was? And it was only moved from Rome to London because Vesuvius blew.)

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Aug. 17th, 2016 11:32 am
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1, I am rereading *HP and the Philosopher’s Stone*. I wonder if Pearl is old enough to read it? She wants to because other kids she knows have. But it does have Voldemort sucking on unicorn blood. And Harry’s dead parents (who spend more time onstage than Hermione’s live parents). And the viciousness of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

2, I am planning to adult like mad on Friday, census, tax, rates.

3, My parents entertained over the weekend and my children were shocked – shocked, I say! – to see the table clear and free of clutter. Pearl very earnestly praised them while Ruby ran around looking at the table and I smothered a laugh.

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Aug. 15th, 2016 06:03 pm
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1, Lovely weather over the weekend.

2, Ruby informs me that she is a ‘fan of bottoms’. She has an ad from Lush showing a whole lot of women with no clothes on facing away from the camera. She wants me to photocopy it so it can go on her wall. I am going to assume this is some typical developmental phase.

3, The electrician who came by on Friday was both competent and cheap. And reassuring! My daughters said I was ‘milking it’ when I demanded sympathy after receiving an electric shock from the outside light. But the electrician was concerned and Western Power wound up calling the strata agents to inform them that other original light fixtures would all need replacing as the earthing line on mine has corroded. About half the units probably still have the original lights. So I have a working light and we’ve warned others about the possible dangers.



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