Jul. 11th, 2016


Jul. 11th, 2016 08:23 pm
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The plan for these holidays was to go on a trip to my aunt's place, for the kids to hang around on a farm and for me to get some time out from the ongoing nightmare that is work.

But as it turned out, I got a horrible cold that seems to finally (after 11 days) to be getting better. It has not been a terribly good holiday, mostly consisting of us staying home and not eating anything sensible because I have not felt like cooking or eating.

Luckily for me some kind people have taken Pearl out a few times, since Ruby also succumbed to this horror illness. Yesterday Pearl went out exploring ponds with a friend while Ruby and I slept for three and a half hours.

Every time I look at the news I get too depressed. What the hell has happened in Britain? It appears to have imploded and then had every leader desert. And the stupid mixed up ball of terrible race relations and guns in America makes my heart ache. I suppose I should be pleased that at home the dislike of business as usual politics was channelled into preferential voting for tiny niche parties rather than into a big terrible political move like Brexit or into individual armed deaths like in America.

Where is the up side?


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