Jan. 9th, 2017

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When I arrived at work it was to discover that there was a massive leak in the adjoining office. We’re lucky it’s not us, as the meaning of ‘massive’ is that water leaked all weekend through the roof, through the third floor, through the second floor and onto the ground floor. I don’t know what the ground floor looks like but the second floor had about three inches of water on it when I arrived, plus water flowing down the walls. I expect that an awful lot of electrical equipment is toast. I hope they backed up.

I had a splitting headache all day, as we operated to the sound of industrial vacuum cleaners extracting the most foul brown water from the carpets next door. How I hope they replace those carpets rather than leave them there to inevitably moulder.


Jan. 9th, 2017 05:34 pm
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We went to the maritime museum in Fremantle on the weekend.

Plus – The girls were very interested and well behaved (though strangely louder than every other child there – I can always tell where my kids are just by cocking an ear to the loudest noise around). We went to the park and had lunch and they played while I read *Treasure Island*.

Minus – Ruby still struggles with walking so far, about two and half kilometres altogether I’d say. She was flagging by the end. And I found carrying all our food and water troublesome, since we can’t eat at cafes. Perhaps a backpack in future.


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