Feb. 25th, 2017

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Season 1, Episode 8 The Banks of the Lethe

Originally aired 20 November 2000

Dylan discovers a way to communicate through a black hole with his former fiancee, on a ship sent to rescue the Andromeda in the past, but when faced with a possible reunion by transporting through time, he must decide whether to leave the future behind and abandon his mission to reform the Commonwealth. Resolving to time-travel back to the rescue ship, then return to the future with his lover, Dylan finds himself on the bridge of the Starry Wisdom just in time for a Nietzschean attack. The crew of the Wisdom trick their attackers into thinking the Andromeda is fully functional by nudging its orbit around the black hole, as Dylan sends a gravity-warped transmission threatening attack. The ruse works and the Nietzscheans leave, but Harper informs everyone that he can only lock on to Dylan to bring back. Dylan says goodbye and returns to his own time. Upon his return, he learns that while the efforts to alterAndromeda's destiny failed to free him in the past, the "nudges" made it possible for the Eureka Maru to save him in the present, so Sarah saved him after all. Guest stars Sam Jenkins, Kevin Sorbo's real life wife, as Dr. Sarah Riley, his lost love.

I really appreciate the way Dylan and Sarah are given a chance for farewells. And the character of Sarah is – technically – so interesting with her determination and strength in getting this wildcard project going while the Commonwealth was falling apart. And yet, the actress, was so whiney and petulant that it is hard to like her.

Also, the people in the past are curiously incurious about the future. Once the radio line was open, I would be bursting with questions about what happens, and, if worst comes to worst, where the best places to hide out are. Yet crickets.

Also, some very funny lines. ‘The deck drips with the blood of the unworthy’.


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