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May. 9th, 2016 08:19 pm
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I have made a happy vid about a Peggy/Steve/Bucky threesome. Happy, I say, despite the fact that they are only in two scenes together ever. I assert my own reality.

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I wanted to make a vid from Bucky's point of view, so what we see is what he got... the fall, the brainwashing, the work as an assassin for the USSR, going rogue in 1973 in Brooklyn, the fall of the USSR. Then, incredibly, his life took a turn for the worse and he was picked up by Hydra.

The vid has a *lot* of shots of Bucky assassinating people, all fictional and lifted from various movies.

It is set to the most tragic (and Russian) of all music, Tchaikovsky's *Swan Lake*.

You can see it here:


Or here:

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Anyone interested in providing improving feedback on my very odd Bucky Barnes vid?
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I am all excited about making a Captain America songvid. At first I planned to do a romantic Stucky vid to a Florence and the Machine song, and then I figured that this has been done before. And better.

So I am working on a Bucky-centred vid, using footage from his POV. There are some tiny scraps of the movies which are shot from his POV, usually when he was being tortured. Naked. And oiled.

So much fanfic and so many fanvids assume that Bucky’s life story is an add-on to Steve’s and that he is the sidekick in his own life. Which I get, because the source material you have to work with generally follows Steve.

But I was thinking that while Steve spent seventy years sleeping, Bucky’s experience was being tortured, brainwashed, killing people, and being frozen (and repeat).

So I have been working on a vid which uses the approximately 45 seconds from Bucky’s perspective in *Winter Soldier* which show him being tortured and brainwashed. And then I’ve set it in the historical context that the graphic novels use. Which is a fancy way of showing him causing unrest and assassinating people under the Soviets and for Hydra. So lots of activities in the early 50s, the late 60s and the 80s as the Soviets tried to kill their way into retaining control. Also, the notorious part where he went off the grid in 1973 and wound up back in Brooklyn unsure what year it was. Steve was under the ice but he could have run into his mother at that point. God, the heart break.

Then he spent the 90s on ice, in a storage area until some enterprising General realised what he was and sold him outright to Hydra. Plenty of activity in the 2000s as Hydra aim to destabilise the world.

Making this has been a challenge. I began by thinking I would collect historical footage of major world events – the Vietnam war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the American invasion of Afghanistan. But this was problematic because 1, I did not want to show identifiable people, 2, I did not want to show real people dead 3, the film qualities varied so enormously with the historical footage that I could not make it all fit together, and 4, almost all the footage available online is of Western events which seems unbalanced for a global war.

So then I decided to use footage from historical movies. This means I don’t have to worry about showing actual violence or dead people and the film quality is consistent. There’s still a bias towards the West, but I’ve done what I can with footage from movies set in Pakistan, Rwanda and Uganda, so as to imply a global sphere of activities. Though the biases in my own historical knowledge are clear – I knew the dates for Bloody Sunday, the Kennedy assassination, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Vietnam war off the top of my head. I’ve had to look up when anti-colonialist and other wars took place in the African continent.

However, it’s still interestingly challenging as I need to show him being a competent assassin but can’t show even distant footage of him in hand to hand or with a knife because of his mechanical arm. Also because Sebastian Stan has a very characteristic swaying walk, which is hard to find emulated. So I’ve wound up with a lot of shots of explosions (I’m going with these as disguised assassinations) and various battle grounds (I assume he was there picking off key peacemakers so as to escalate tensions).

I’ve set it to the most tragic music I know – Tchaikovsky’s *Swan Lake*.

I have been fiddling and fiddling with this. Especially as I can’t afford decent software so I am doing it in clunky old IMovie which is not really suitable.

And I’ve just found Lim’s vid which totally goes over the same ground, only better and in a compact way. You should all look at this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj-2bpF7XJM

But also, when I finish it, you should look at my vid.
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Yesterday was such an amazing day - the kind of day I hope to have every second Thursday (when Ruby is at kindy and I don't have work).

I dropped the kids off at school. I got to do extra school stuff, including watching the hysterical cross country run. The preprimary kids ran the wrong way! One boy lost his trousers! Some kids forgot in the final stretch when confronted by their parents cheering and just ran up to them!

Pearl mirrored my child-hood style by coming second last and walking most of it.

Then I went home and did super creative things like remastering my Lone Gunmen vids and uploading them to vidders.net. Check out vidders.net - it's super cool.

I added more to the database I am working on.

I went for walk in the sunshine.

I went back to the school and did actual volunteer work. (Not that I was a natural at taking a reading class. By the end of it, half of them had grasped a food chain grass-goat-human and half were baffled.)

Roll on next second Tuesday, I say.


Aug. 3rd, 2014 01:10 pm
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So, I've made this vid which tries to explore the film criticism idea of the male gaze, where the viewer is assumed to be a straight male. That's why you get so many movies where clothed men talk as bikini-clad women saunter past.

I believe *Teen Wolf* is angling for the 'female gaze' as the director appears to believe that every scene is 100% better if the male actors are semi-naked. You can almost hear him shouting: 'Excellent, but is there anyway to set this in the showers? And bring in more oil!'

So, you can either view this as a montage of semi-naked men set to the Weather Girls' *It's Raining Men* or as an exploration of the fe/male gaze. Or both, I guess.

Teen Wolf Male Gaze3 from Emma Oz on Vimeo.

I'd like some advice. Specifically, is it too information heavy at the beginning? Is it clear they are looking at a blackboard? And is it clear that all the shots came from *Teen Wolf*, because the gay bar scenes are actually from that source. Because, you know, the director is always brainstorming ways to get more partly naked men in the shots.
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Fandom, you made me love you from Emma Oz on Vimeo.

The songvid for people in the perfect trifecta of enjoying Judy Garland, Star Wars and Plan Nine from Outer Space.
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So, I would appreciate advice from someone on how to make the ridiculous project I am working on at the moment work. (Not technically but aesthetically).

It's a set of three songvids with the *Wizard of Oz* songs 'If I only had a Heart/a Brain/the Nerve' set for the *X Files* Lone Gunmen.

Read more... )

Song Vid

Jan. 12th, 2014 11:59 am
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My tribute vid for *Dark Angel*'s Max Guevara is available at Vimeo.



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