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Hello –

I feel like the last kid at the school to become aware that there is a cool party going on, but last year was literally the first year I realized what the purpose of Yuletide letters was. I saw them on my LJ feed and I even wrote them *but I did not realise they were aggregated centrally*. I thought people just went looking for the person they were writing for, checking if they had an LJ account and if they had left a message. When I found out last year that there was a central list – after participating for about a decade - I was so excited! I wrote several stocking stuffers!

So, right of the bat, you will realise you are not writing for the brightest or most tech savvy of people. Cough, moving along.

Things I like: people working together as teams! Loyalty! Friends becoming family! People being competent! And communicating vital information to each other in a sensible manner! Also, slash!

I had heaps of trouble deciding on the fandoms I’d like to request this year because I am all about the most obscure pairings of the most tiny fandoms.

First and foremost, I would love pretty much any story around Rosemary Sutcliff’s *Simon*. This is one of her lesser known, non-Roman historical works. It’s set in the 17th century and inspired 13 year old me to try to read about that century. I managed to get a biography of Thomas Cromwell rather than Oliver Cromwell and was rather confused. But I wound up with a doctorate in early 16th century history, so the book had its impact.

It’s classic Sutcliff, with loyal best friends separated by being on opposing sides in the civil war. Yet still loyal! Anything about Simon and Amias’ friendship would please me, from their boyhood days, their time at school, up to post-war slash (or pre-war, or during the war which, after all, went on for a really long time). Other things that would make me happy: I’d like to know more about Zeal-for-the-Lord’s life; what kinds of secrets did Mouse find out with her spying habits; how did they celebrate Christmas when Christmas was outlawed (because of the actual, literal Puritans).

Zombieland is that rarest of jewels – a satisfying zombie apocalypse comedy. I’ve got to say that I really want any fic written in in this fandom to be equally light hearted and happy. No one is to be eaten in a bad way!

I have to admit to really just wanting happy fic in this fandom. I’d like anything about their created family being competent and kicking ass. And I’d be very happy to read smut about Columbus and Wichita, Columbus and Tallahassee or (ideally) both Wichita and Tallahassee sharing Columbus like the little bond-creating, anxiety ridden moppet he is.

Since this is 2015 I think it’s an appropriate time for a whole lot of Back to the Future fic. Here we are! In the future! Though sadly without flying cars or self-zipping shoe laces.

I’d like pretty much anything that focussed on the fact that Doc and Marty (and to a lesser extent Jennifer and Clara) have become cut off from the rest of their timelines. They’ve got different memories to pretty much everybody else. Anything featuring them being a group with special ties would be great.

Also, having just rewatched the movies, they are a lot darker than I remembered. They are played for comedy but the ‘happy’ 1985 that they end up with is the direct result of taking stuff (and people) away from Biff Tannen and giving it to George McFly. Not that I want date-rapist Tannen to get his horribly dystopian Trumpesque happy end, but it is still creepy. So if you wanted to go dark that would be fine.

That’s a lot of information but here is the take away message: Thank you for writing to me. Whatever you give me is fine.

Archive of Our Own name - Emma_Oz

Back to the Future (Movies)
Zombieland (2009)
Simon - Rosemary Sutcliff
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Rosemary Sutcliff, The Roundabout Horse, 1986

I have a theory – one day to be presented at Swancon – that Rosemary Sutcliff started out her writing career with fantasy (The Queen Elizabeth Story), then wrote her most popular historical novels, before returning to fantasy in her later years. *The Roundabout Horse* is one of her later works, a novel for very young children about a magic roundabout horse who meets a girl who loves him very much. The horse is going to leave when the fair moves on, but manages to escape and turn into a real horse who lives with the little girl forever.

It gets two thumbs up from Pearl who read alternate pages with me.
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First of all, check out my own fic, set in Rosemary Sutcliff's *Frontier Wolf*. Heartbeat by Anonymous for Emma_Oz It's short but hot.

I would also recommend these stories:

In the Terminator fandom, Intuition and Ingenuity by Anonymous for stars_inthe_sky. It's about Miles Dyson's son, who gets an odd job interview from some people who are interested in his father. Then someone starts stalking him and his computer gets this weird virus. It is chilling, as the reader knows more than the narrator.

I am also impressed at the way the author brings up the experience of being a young black man with an ambivalent relationship with the Police (who did, after all, shoot his dad).

And I really like Gentle Antidote by Anonymous for Nympha_Alba. It's a Lord Peter Wimsey story, where he meets Harriet Vane because they are soul mates with each other's names written on their skin. The flirting through quotes and literary references is so exactly like Sayers that it is actually hard to remember this is an AU.


Oct. 28th, 2014 07:40 pm
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Dear Yuletide writer! I only know one thing about you – and that is that you are fabulous. You are going to write a story for me! In one of the obscure fandoms I like!

I requested *Jeremiah*, Rosemary Sutcliff’s *Eagle of the Ninth*, Rosemary Sutcliff’s *Frontier Wolf* and *Zombieland* (the ‘zombedy’ not to be confused with *Z Nation* which is now showing in the US). Any of those would be cool.

Here are some things I like: characters being competent, banter, Sutcliffesque descriptive prose, romance, happy endings.

Here are some things I don’t like: main characters dying.

I like slash but I am happy to read het or gen or threesomes or whatever you choose. What I don’t like is the female characters being downplayed or killed off so the men can get centre stage.

I was going to write that I don’t like to read about children suffering and then I realised that the back stories of virtually all these programs are a long list of suffering. All the adults in *Jeremiah* died; Esca’s family were killed and he was enslaved, Marcus had an emotionally distant mother and then was horribly wounded while still a teenager himself; and in *Zombieland* essentially every human on the planet except the four main characters is dead. So it turns out that I did not know myself – I like the pain.

And here is my thank you in advance! Thank you!

3 things

Jul. 27th, 2012 06:54 pm
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1, Among the books I ordered in a bout of depression was a Rosemary Sutcliff I have never read before. Drum roll. A whole new Rosemary Sutcliff novelette, and it's even one of her Roman Britain ones. Yes!

2, *Huckle* came to visit today which was nice.

3, I planted the two apple trees in my parents' back yard and I ripped out a scrubby native shrub in my front yard and replaced it with a lemon tree.

2011 Books

Jan. 14th, 2012 08:15 pm
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I read 279 books last year, 140 for the first time, the rest rereads. As usual they were mostly novels and non fiction with a smattering of poetry and art books and art and parenting magazines.

4 from 1810s, 1 from 1840s, 5 from 1850s, 1 from 1860s, 1 from 1880s, 3 from 1890s, 2 from 1900s, 1 from 1910s, 10 from 1920s, 14 from 1930s, 7 from 1940s, 4 from 1950s, 3 from 1960s, 2 from 1970s, 11 from 1980s, 109 from 2000s, and 61 from 2010s, plus an outlier from 380.

This is the same pattern as usual - a few from the nineteenth century, quite a lot from the 1920s and 30s, then a big dip with very little from the next few decades, and then a big rise starting in the 1990s, with most from the 2000s and 2010s.

I am fascinated that I read so little from the mid-century. I get that there was little publishing in the 1940s because of the war but I wonder why I like so little from the 1950s, 60s and 70s? Can think of very few authors who I really like who were active in that period - only Rosemary Sutcliff really.
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Actually, this was a bit of a disappointment. It is one of her early works and it suffers from a surplus of hero worship of Sir Walter Raleigh. It reminds me of *The Rider of the White Horse* (1959), another early work in which she sticks closely to historical facts and does not treat the reader to her own imagination.

Still, as a completist, I will keep it.
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This was one of the last stories Sutcliff wrote before her death, and it was the last published.

As with *Chess Dream in a Garden*, it moves away from historical fiction into fantasy. This is a story about a minstrel who finds and rears a baby dragon. They are separated, and then reunited. It is very gentle – with some digs at knights on white horses who feel compelled to pick fights with dragons.

The illustrations are watercolours, which suits the softness of the story.
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Found the blurb below on the Film4 website and am feeling rather ambivalent about it all. I'll have to think of this as a form of fanfic, an AU.

Newly arrived in Britannia on his first command, young Centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) heroically defends his fort against a massive Celtic attack but is so badly wounded that he is discharged from the army. Angry and bitter that his army career is over, Marcus chooses to risk his life on a seemingly impossible journey into the unconquered north to find the Eagle of the Ninth, the legendary golden standard lost fifteen years earlier when his father marched the Ninth Legion into the wilds of Scotland and never came back.

As a companion, he takes his slave Esca (Bell), a Celt whose life he saved in a gladiatorial contest but who hates all things Roman. Their journey together into the wild north forges the beginnings of a precarious relationship between them. But when they are captured by the Seal People, the most feared of all the Celtic tribes and the guardians of the lost Eagle, Esca claims that he is the master and Marcus his Roman slave - and Marcus has no choice but to entrust himself into the Celt's hands.

Just as Marcus fears Esca's loyalty is lost and he is to remain a slave for life, the Celt proves true to his friend. Together they manage to retrieve the Eagle from an island temple and, keeping one step ahead of their pursuers in a thrilling chase to the safety of the border, they take a stand in a final, unexpected battle that reveals the secret of the Ninth.


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