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Another weekend, another total fizzle of a home open. I honestly don’t understand how they work – I advertise, no one comes. How does one sell a house if no one ever comes to the home opens?

Anyway, I have resolved that we have had our lives on hold for long enough. Some stuff has begun to trickle back into the house. Specifically, I could not live without art supplies any longer and went out and bought $180 worth of kit. I’ve brought some of the girls’ toys in from the shed.

We made the most of the weekend. On Saturday the girls went to a friend’s house and played in a mudflat – enormous fun. On Sunday I did some craft and started a song vid. We held our Threatened Species party and made:

Bilbies $14
Turtles $5
Cheetahs $6

The girls had four delightful kids over - great day.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 06:12 pm
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I had a splendid time at the Royal Show, the best time for years. This was partly because of the weather. It was bleak, raining and extremely windy so there were many fewer people than usual. This was great because the things I dislike about the show are the heat and the crowds.

Also, there was a bus service provided within the show grounds which made it possible to travel across the grounds. Ruby always struggles with long-distance walking and this made it possible to go to the pavilions as well as the animal sections. We saw the rabbits (of course) and also watched the rabbit show jumping, including the cross country obstacle course (very good). We missed the pig diving but did catch the dog diving as well as going to the pat a piglet section. We also stopped by poultry and cats. And, is it just me or are the cat people a bit odd? Like the cat judging seemed to include the decoration of the cage as well as the health of the cat. But perhaps it is wrong to judge the cat owners when the pigs are diving and the rabbits are leaping over five rung fences.

[ETA - Also, I see the dog people ran a dog dancing competition so maybe the cat people are not so odd.]

Even better than the animal displays was the I LOVE DIRT pavilion which had magnifying glasses and microscopes so you could examine moss and dirt. The kids could have spent the entire morning there. When they were eventually pried away it was only to go to the display of soils where Ruby endeared herself to the guy in charge by being so very interested in soil improvement and the use of clay as a binding agent. I’d say this was nearly as much fun for her as the ride on the kangaroo up-and-down machine in the kiddy rides section.

All in all, two thumbs up for this year’s show.

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Sep. 19th, 2016 06:15 pm
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1, I am really looking forward to the circus next week. I am bringing my Mum and sister as well as the kids. I hope they like it too.

2, I have begun watching *American Ninja Warrior* and I am surprised at how much I like it. Much of what I like is the unrelentingly positive coverage the MCs give. They have ridiculous, shouty American voices but what they are actually saying is a barrage of positivity.

This, combined with the way the competitors cheer on the others, makes it much more enjoyable than traditional team sports. I am watching it with the kids, with much moralising about how they practice hard and constant exclamations about how strong the women are.

(To combine these two points, someone with a circus background would do well in *American Ninja Warrior* - so far the best I’ve seen have been rock climbers, Olympic gymnasts and people who make their living doing TV stunts.)

3, We had our Threatened Species party and made some money for bilbies, gorillas and cheetahs. I’m pretty sure they could all do with a helping hand. Thanks to those who attended.
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Cheetah Conservation Fund - $17.75

Save the Bilby - $20.50

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - $16.50
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Twenty years ago WWF-Australia helped create Threatened Species Day as a way to shine a light on Australia’s threatened species and encourage greater support of Australia's unique natural heritage.

You are invited to our annual Threatened Species party!

Where: the common area at our house

When: 10 til 12 on Saturday 17th September

What to bring: a gold coin donation for an animal conservation charity!

This party will be gluten free.

Donations will go to – Cheetah Conservation Fund (cheetah.org), or Jane Goodall Gorilla Foundation (janegoodall.org) or Save the Bilby Fund (savethebilbyfund.com)
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I continue to be ill, to the point where I can hardly imagine being well again.

The IT and HR systems are ‘up’ at work but definitely not with full functionality. I spent over an hour trying to complete the timesheet alone. The new seating arrangements make it almost impossible to talk to anyone else interested in policy but also make it impossible to avoid overhearing a host of other conversations.

Not a whisper of interest in my CV from any other agencies. Sigh.

All good news will most definitely be outside of work.

1, Pearl and Ruby start their taster karate lessons this week. $30 each for five lessons. I am hoping this might improve Pearl’s concentration and burn up some energy. I booked Ruby as well, but I have trouble imagining her having the stamina to really do the lessons.

2, OTOH, Ruby managed probably 500 metres on the weekend at a bush walk at Star Swamp before she had to stop. Pearl was impatient and I had to quietly point out how much harder it is for Ruby to walk with her ankles so bent over. Star Swamp – really quiet and full of birds and insects.

3, Pearl and I are now reading *The Silver Chair* which is one of my favourites, because I love Jill Pole who is so sensible and so sensitive.
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1, We went to the park in the morning, meeting up with someone from school. We had tried three times to meet this holiday period, so it was great to finally succeed.

2, Pearl received her ninth prize in the Save the Bilby competition. (Thank you for voting.) I had thought it was a choice of one of pencils, a pencil case, a badge, a hat, a water bottle, colouring in sheets, notebooks, a cuddly toy and chocolates. But it turned out to be all of them.

3, Baby_Elvis’ daughter was there when we opened the enormous box of prizes. She is convinced that the badge which says ‘Bilby protector’ is to be worn in a parade which Pearl will march in. (Close, though, as we do always have a party for Threatened Species day.)
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I would appreciate it if people would like to vote for Margaret (aged seven) in the Save the Bilby competition! Also, you know, Easter is the perfect time to Save the Bilby, the Australian Easter Bunny facing extinction.

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Thank you to those who attended the kids' animal party. The following was raised:

* Cheetah - $10.90
* Panda - $11.55
* Gorilla - $16.20

And by far the most popular animal was our own, local Western Swamp Tortoise, the most endangered tortoise in the world:

* Western Swamp Tortoise - $34.85.

You can see some baby Western Swamp Tortoises hatching at the Perth Zoo website: http://perthzoo.wa.gov.au/conservation/native-species-breeding-programs/western-swamp-tortoise/
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Remember how I was all Methyl bromide, it's bad. Now that berries are under focus, others are coming to that conclusion too.


You can lobby Strawberries Australia here: http://www.strawberriesaustralia.com.au/


Mar. 24th, 2015 06:25 pm
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Ruby and Pearl settled down the other day with a DVD which I thought would be about cute penguins. Unfortunately, it was more along these lines: See the cute penguins, see how sweet they are, all the penguins are going to die because of global warming, the dear little penguins are being killed right now!

Cue hysteria and me turning the DVD off after about two minutes.

Advice on informing them about global warming without making them (with justification) hysterical and depressed?

My tack was the weather is getting warmer because of global warming, but this is something we can do something about. This is why we turn the lights off and don’t make unnecessary trips in the car.


Sep. 14th, 2014 06:33 pm
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Cheetah Conservation Fund - $27.45

Perth Zoo for the Tiger - $24

The Orangutan Project - $50.10

Thank you!

Sep. 23rd, 2013 07:48 am
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I made two donations today - $20 for Save the Bilby and $20 for the rhinos. Thank you all.
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I attempted to make home-made fruit leathers last week. Technically it would have been slightly cheaper (about $4.50 plus electricity compared to $5.50 for the same amount). The taste was comparable.

Except that it set like cement and I could only chip off a few scraps, making it approximately 10 times more expensive. And actually with more additives (lemon juice) than the option I buy. Plus, of course, way more effort.

I read a lot of blogs extolling how simple it is to live a natural life and to replace the things you buy with home-made options. My experience is – not so much.

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Aug. 3rd, 2012 11:53 am
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1, Mushrooms!


2, Ruby has a swish new hairdo, long and curly at the back, short and straight at the front. (It's like a proto-mullet).

3, We had morning tea with *Baby_Elvis*.

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Jul. 27th, 2012 06:54 pm
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1, Among the books I ordered in a bout of depression was a Rosemary Sutcliff I have never read before. Drum roll. A whole new Rosemary Sutcliff novelette, and it's even one of her Roman Britain ones. Yes!

2, *Huckle* came to visit today which was nice.

3, I planted the two apple trees in my parents' back yard and I ripped out a scrubby native shrub in my front yard and replaced it with a lemon tree.

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Jul. 20th, 2012 06:57 pm
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1, I have successfully grown two handfuls of mushrooms with my kit. Delicious on home-made pizza.

2, Ruby ate no sand today. (Her pica is so embarrassing).

3, I am really enjoying re-reading the Naomi Novik dragon series.
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So, I would like to compost or have a worm farm but my memories of composting from my childhood are of huge plastic bins at the bottom of the garden that reeked. Is this like my memories of all in one shampoo and conditioner, which was released on the market when it didn't work but now does? Or is it a realistic description? Must composting be stinky?

The problem is that the very back of the yard is at most five metres from the back door and right beside the outdoor doll's house. Is there a non-stinky option?

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Jul. 17th, 2012 06:57 pm
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I will try doing the three things meme.

1, As I am doing my taxes I marvel at how few our out of pocket medical expenses have been. Going through the State Child Development Centre has been great, and this whole experience makes me appreciate our universal health care system even more.
2, Ruby is such a practical kid, really cleverly finding a way around her inability to walk. She now uses a walker at home and at her grandparent’s house she rides on her tricycle. With these devices she now has complete mobility and can get wherever she wants. She much prefers walking to being carried and can get as far as the rubbish bin in our complex (though not into the common area where she wants to play because the wheels get bogged in the grass). She can also dance by bobbing up and down wildly while holding on to her walker with one hand.
3, Inspired by the lyrical locavore and sustainability blogs I have been following, I have planted one orange tree at my parents’ house. I also plan to plant a lemon tree and a mulberry. Come the apocalypse, I’ll be fine for citrus and berries.


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