Oct. 11th, 2017 03:58 pm
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The word straight is the longest one syllable word I can think of in English. Are there any with more than eight letters?

Royal Show

Oct. 2nd, 2017 06:11 pm
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I very much enjoyed the show. We saw much more than we have previously as the girls are getting to be so strong.


Rabbit pet show – Ruby won second prize.
Pig diving and racing – the diving is particularly cool as they just leap right in.
Dancing dogs – not the highest standard ever but fascinating to watch.
Scout tent – lots of free fun.
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We will be going to the Royal Show on the weekend. Am very much looking forward to the dancing dogs and diving pigs.
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So, on one side, my hand hurts in a strange rheumatismish way; Ruby has a cold; Ruby has had to have several medical tests in the last week; Pearl fell off the monkey bar and hurt her side; our internet is not working properly; I have to wait around for Telstra tomorrow (4 hour window with no guarantee they will either come or repair the problem); Donald Trump continues to be in power; Malcolm Turnbull continues to be in power; there is no interest in our house at all; without selling our house, we can’t get the other, dear, absolutely perfect house; all the effort put into trying to sell the house means less effort in areas such as limiting screen time, enforcing teeth brushing and ensuring homework is done; work continues to be in upheaval; people at work repeat ‘change is necessary’ like parrots without reflecting that change can be either well or badly managed (or can flow, free form, without management at all, as is the case here); the cost of utilities keeps going up; wages are stagnant; I am very tired of running hard without getting ahead.

On the other side, spring is here; I can dry clothes on the line without using the dryer that turns the house into a swamp; the jonquils in the garden are blooming; the girls have lots of excellent activities going on at school.
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A quick update on the many things happening in my life...

* Endless home opens, each attended by 1-4 people. Is this normal? Even at the bottom end of the market?
* Endless work preparing for the home opens.
* Hideous state of anxiety about what is going to happen.
* When not working, unable to do most of my relaxation activities due to our stuff all being in storage.
* More people filing out the door at work.
* Amused by the fact that apparently the whole of the Australian parliament are ineligible to sit as they can not keep track of their own citizenship status. Hilarious!
* Horrified by the fact that America is lurching simultaneously towards their Civil War II and World War III.


Aug. 6th, 2017 12:46 pm
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Effort put in to making the house look good - massive.
Pay off - nil.

Number of visitors 0
Number of nosy neighbours 0
Number of passers by 0

I am exceedingly downhearted I can't buy the new house without selling this one and the amount of interest was precisely nil.

Of course, I have apparently selected the world's worst real estate agent who have failed to erect a sign, do not provide home open signs or fliers, put my ads in real estate dot com without the address, etc.

However, I am locked into a contract with them, so will have to persevere. I shall go over the fine print and send them a reminder of all they have not done.

I am hoping the key is advertising and not that no one in Perth is buying first homes. (Surely not?)


Jul. 24th, 2017 02:09 pm
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Is sylph the longest word in English without a vowel?
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OMG, I have been the adultiest adult of all time today. Achievements:

* Rectified overpayment at work.
* Set up superannuation payments.


Jul. 5th, 2017 05:47 pm
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While proof reading a truly terrible paper my mind began to stray. My co-worker accused me of procrastination when I attempted to engage him in a conversation about the length of the 20th century.

But then he did engage with me. While technically 100 years, of course, the main narrative of the 20th century has to be WWI, WWII, the cold war, so it runs 1914-1991. This could be compared with the very long 19th century, with the main narrative in Europe of industrialisation and liberalism, running from the American revolution/French revolution to the twilight years before WWI.
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Our agency has been merged with another and the new one is more proactive about monitoring our private social media. We were vaguely warned about not posting ‘political’ content which may be difficult for me.

Because, frankly, is every aspect of our lives not political in the sense that it stems from the distribution of power in our society. I know that if I write about a fundraising drive at my kids’ school my overseeing overlords would probably not view it as political, but I certainly do. If public education was properly funded in the first place, then there would be no need for school fundraising. If I write about making and hiding rocks in parks that would probably not be seen as political, but I literally argued with my local council for years before they built the local park on reserved land. I physically took my local counsellors down to view the site. As far as I’m concerned, the park exists because of lobbying. If I mention money troubles, surely that is inseparable from the wage gap, funding for public servants, the cost of out of school care, etc, all of which seem like issues about the distribution of power to me.

What can I possibly talk about?
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This was a fabulous mother’s day, my best ever.

It began with a delicious breakfast in bed, toast and juice. I remember making a cup of coffee for my Mum when I was a child that I made with water from the hot water tap. Poor Mum.

I got fabulous gifts, including a picture of what I have in my handbag (purse, phone, book, leaves, feathers and rocks) and a photo of Pearl. Then the children were whisked away to go to a fair with my parents, which was great because it gave me time to shove tons of stuff into the shed so that the house is less messy. Then morning tea with the family before we headed off to the park in the afternoon.

daily life

Apr. 10th, 2017 06:02 pm
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I am even more tired than usual. I actually fell asleep while having my teeth scaled and cleaned. I was all… no kids around, lying down, great, time to sleep.

I would very much like to live a less busy life.
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Things that have happened in the last week:
1, the electricity was out upstairs which involved significant work in the ceiling area by the electrician.
2, there was a burst pipe in the common area and the plumber had to cut the water off overnight.
3, my parents' car is out of commission again so I am lending them my car next week.
4, as an unrelated issue, one of the light fixtures has broken and the electrician will have to return.
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Today I have:

Negotiated an extension of my appeal against the ATO’s refusal to relodge my 2012 and 2013 tax returns.
Represented my boss at a hierarchical meeting where we had to sit by rank.
Attended a meeting with Pearl’s teacher about her ongoing issues and never-quite-diagnosed Autism.

I have adulted enough. I think now a cruise of some crystal blue ocean in a flying boat is in order.
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A question for minds with a better grasp of 3D rotation of objects than mine.

Would a couch that is 90cm deep fit and 97 cm high and 155 cm long fit through a 70cm wide door? It seems like it wouldn't but I note our old couch is 80cm deep so it must be possible to do a bit of wiggling. Yet not too much because of the stairwell. But I don't remember bringing it over the back fence which used to be an option but no longer is because of the shed.

Any thoughts?
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When I arrived at work it was to discover that there was a massive leak in the adjoining office. We’re lucky it’s not us, as the meaning of ‘massive’ is that water leaked all weekend through the roof, through the third floor, through the second floor and onto the ground floor. I don’t know what the ground floor looks like but the second floor had about three inches of water on it when I arrived, plus water flowing down the walls. I expect that an awful lot of electrical equipment is toast. I hope they backed up.

I had a splitting headache all day, as we operated to the sound of industrial vacuum cleaners extracting the most foul brown water from the carpets next door. How I hope they replace those carpets rather than leave them there to inevitably moulder.


Jan. 5th, 2017 05:59 pm
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I no longer have pre-primary kids. I now have big, school age kids – Ruby is going into Grade one.

Time to stop and reflect that life is much easier. Things that I no longer have to do – for instance, going out is so much easier. They walk to the car and get in – Pearl does up her seatbelt. Ruby’s hands are not strong enough to buckle herself in but she can unbuckle the belt and also open the door from the outside though not the inside.

Time was when Pearl’s anxiety meant she could not be left in the car so every trip to the petrol station involved unstrapping them, taking them in, shepherding them back and then restrapping them. Time was when her anxiety was so intense that if I walked around the back of the car rather than the front of it where she could see me, she would freak out.

Things are certainly improving greatly and my life is much easier in many ways. Although, conversely, this just frees up time for paid work. But at least that means more money.

I have always felt that having children is a bit like being hit viciously and repeatedly in the face. This is not going to convince the childless that it is great having kids, but to me this is how it feels:

Here is your baby, she is lovely. BLAM – she can’t breathe. Now you can hug her. THWACK – she chokes on the milk, she has no suck reflex. Finally out of hospital? Then WHACK! It’s time to notice she is super floppy and take her around a series of doctors who will pooh-pooh your concerns as those of an over-anxious first time mother until BLAM! They decide it is serious and suggest it might be cerebral palsy.

WHACK! Your child fails to thrive. The doctor describes her legs as wasted. PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH. No one can diagnose her problems. Got that under control? Hours of physio! Because she can’t balance properly, she can’t be toilet trained! PUNCH! Your child is ‘odd’ and not doing well at school.

Parenthood is a long series of happy moments interspersed with being BEATEN at random, unanticipated moments.

I read a thoughtpiece once where a woman said that parenting was like slogging through a leech infested jungle in the rain and every now and then you come into a clearing where the sun shines down and you see butterflies. Then back to the jungle.

For me, there is a lot more of the happy periods but they are certainly interspersed with being punched in the face.


Dec. 19th, 2016 06:02 pm
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The good news – I have finally got the syphon to work so I can clean Mr Gold’s tank properly.

The bad news – I had to suck the water through the tube to start it which is just gross because Mr Gold pees in that water.
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I was impressed by my kids this weekend. Pearl went on her first sleep over. She behaved well and did not freak out, to my impressed surprise.

I had thought Ruby would be jealous when Pearl left but she was actually heart broken. She kept hugging her and telling her how much she loved her. ‘One more hug, one more kiss.’ Of course she has no memory of not sharing the room with Pearl, except when she has been in hospital, and she was very anxious that Pearl might not come back. ‘What if our car breaks down and Baby_Elvis’ car breaks down and all the taxis break down? What would happen then?’

the week

Nov. 14th, 2016 05:17 pm
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So, what a rollercoaster this week has been.

On the bad side: the American election, the triumph of hatred, racism and misogyny, and the inevitable effects on Australia’s drift to the right. We finally got to go to the incontinence clinic and they think that Ruby has two to five years to go until continence. We also got to see the orthopaedics people who said that there is nothing that can be done to relieve the pain in her feet, knees and hips. She just has to live with it. The lion at the zoo died unexpectedly.

On the good side: The thirteen month wait to get into the incontinence clinic is over. I was so depressed that I went to the beautician and pampered myself (for the first time in eight years). Ruby likes her new pet fish. Hilary won the popular vote. Because Americans don’t have compulsory voting, it’s not 50% of the population who voted for hatred but only 25%. Because I had the day off to go to medical appointments with Ruby, I also got to go to the school excursion to see *Snugglepot and Cuddlepie* which was surprisingly good. I particularly liked the way they made the Banksia men still scary but less racist. Here’s a picture for non-Australians, with bonus Snugglepot and Little Ragged Blossum.

Yep, that’s about it on the good side, a less racist Banksia man than was envisioned in 1915.


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