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Sep. 13th, 2016 06:40 pm
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1, Dad has started dialysis. Considering it has been imminent since November 14, this is a huge relief. It should make him feel better and once the timetable for dialysis is set up we’ll have a much better idea what the pattern of life will be like.

2, I got to choose the art from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs for our office. Very exciting.

3, The Stucky Big Bang is out, so there are heaps of new, long stories.
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1, I am pleased that the next *Thor* movie is being partly filmed in Australia and is apparently a coffee shop AU where Thor and Loki spend a lot of time choosing lattes together. Good, they need to talk.

2, Ruby made up a song: ‘You want me to say hello to the baby, but they baby is too young. I say hello, the baby says googoo.’ Clearly inspired by the Beatles.

3, Pearl’s NAPLAN results are not nearly as bad as the teacher had warned. I’m very pleased that she did well in reading, since this is a constant pleasure in my life.
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1, Having taken the day off to meet with the school psychiatrist about Pearl’s possible ADHD, I had some time to do other things like visit my Mum and pick up some clothes that had been waiting for over a week at a shop on hold for me.

2, I have realised that the perfect song for a vid for *Civil War* is Guns n Roses ‘Civil War’. Lots of shots of the chaos and civilian deaths they cause.

3, Mum may possibly be able to come home at the end of the week or beginning of next week.

As a bonus, I had another thought about *Civil War*. It is the opposite of a feminist film….

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3 Things

May. 23rd, 2016 06:15 pm
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1, The enormous storm brought down three large trees at the local park, and there were about a million children climbing on them, jumping on the branches, running along the trunks and hiding in the leaves. This was a jolly sight to see.

2, On Sunday we had our first down day for about two weeks, and just lounged about (and cleaned the girls’ room).

3, I read some of Marvel’s *Civil War* which is, of course, vastly different to the movie.
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I have been reconsidering the ending of *Civil War*. Read more... )

Civil War

May. 10th, 2016 05:05 pm
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One of my big problems with the show in terms of narrative is ...

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3 Things

May. 10th, 2016 04:13 pm
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1, My mum is recovering faster than expected from her operation and is now home.

2, I took the day off, so I could take the kids to school and pick them up. Fabulous.

3, I also saw *all* of *Captain America: Civil War*. It makes so much more sense with the finale!

A vid

May. 9th, 2016 08:19 pm
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I have made a happy vid about a Peggy/Steve/Bucky threesome. Happy, I say, despite the fact that they are only in two scenes together ever. I assert my own reality.


3 Things

May. 2nd, 2016 06:08 pm
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1, I am really enjoying the television series of *Tomorrow, When the War Began*. I understand the criticisms of it falling in the yellow peril genre, but what I really want is the *Billabong* series to be made into a TV series and since that’s never going to happen (because it is racist in that special 1910-1940 way) I’m happy to have *Tomorrow, When the War Began*.

2, Still contemplating *Captain America* and mentally fixing the bits I found problematic.

3, I’ve bought a new printer, hopefully one that can handle more than one page at a time.
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I just saw all but the last half hour of *Civil War*. Please, someone, tell me what happens next.
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1, As part of my general appreciation of my car, I like that it has a working digital clock. The clock in my old car broke and I was quoted $800 to replace the entire CD player/clock part. Ridiculous, so I gaffer taped an alarm clock on so I could get places on time. Functional but not aesthetically pleasing. Whereas my current car has the sleek console of the Star Ship Enterprise.

2, Ruby believes her internal organs to consist of ‘hugs and other bits and bobs’.

3, I am so far spoiler free for *Civil War*. Indeed, I may remain unspoiled even after going to the movie because the only session I can make is one beginning after twelve. If the ads run too long I will have to leave before it finishes so I can pick up the kids. All the morning sessions are 3D which makes me so ill that I can’t watch but must close my eyes. Hmmm, the whole movie but without being able to see it or three quarters with vision? I’ve chosen the latter as the Marvel franchise is not known for its snappy dialogue.

3 Things

Apr. 11th, 2016 08:24 pm
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1, I love the weather, as it is finally wet and coolish. I definitely prefer this time of year, especially when the wind is blustery.

2, I have booked a ticket to see *Civil War* for the day it comes out here.

3, My sandals died at just the right time, as the seasons have changed. I have got on my comfortable black winter shoes.
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I wanted to make a vid from Bucky's point of view, so what we see is what he got... the fall, the brainwashing, the work as an assassin for the USSR, going rogue in 1973 in Brooklyn, the fall of the USSR. Then, incredibly, his life took a turn for the worse and he was picked up by Hydra.

The vid has a *lot* of shots of Bucky assassinating people, all fictional and lifted from various movies.

It is set to the most tragic (and Russian) of all music, Tchaikovsky's *Swan Lake*.

You can see it here:


Or here:

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Anyone interested in providing improving feedback on my very odd Bucky Barnes vid?
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I am amazed to learn that in WWII the American army had a fundraising/morale boosting show written by Irving Berlin – “This is the Army!*. It did Broadway and was made into a movie starring Ronald Reagan.

Actual members of the armed services performed it all over Europe and the Pacific for the course of the war. AIt featured lots of drag acts. The army decided that it WACs and WAVEs should not contribute, so all the female roles were played by men. Cough. What an odd decision.

Linking it back to my current obsession with Captain America – This sounds like basically his show, except that in the fictional universe Steve is backed by dancing girls. This is certainly much easier to imagine than what is described in *Coming Out Under Fire* which includes details on how bull dozers built giant fox holes that served as theatres and a description from one drag queen of how they were strafed mid-performance and he had to leap down into the fox hole with the regularly dressed soldiers.

Also, there was a version for the segregated African-American troops called.... I can barely bring myself to type the words... *Uncle Sambo*.
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I am all excited about making a Captain America songvid. At first I planned to do a romantic Stucky vid to a Florence and the Machine song, and then I figured that this has been done before. And better.

So I am working on a Bucky-centred vid, using footage from his POV. There are some tiny scraps of the movies which are shot from his POV, usually when he was being tortured. Naked. And oiled.

So much fanfic and so many fanvids assume that Bucky’s life story is an add-on to Steve’s and that he is the sidekick in his own life. Which I get, because the source material you have to work with generally follows Steve.

But I was thinking that while Steve spent seventy years sleeping, Bucky’s experience was being tortured, brainwashed, killing people, and being frozen (and repeat).

So I have been working on a vid which uses the approximately 45 seconds from Bucky’s perspective in *Winter Soldier* which show him being tortured and brainwashed. And then I’ve set it in the historical context that the graphic novels use. Which is a fancy way of showing him causing unrest and assassinating people under the Soviets and for Hydra. So lots of activities in the early 50s, the late 60s and the 80s as the Soviets tried to kill their way into retaining control. Also, the notorious part where he went off the grid in 1973 and wound up back in Brooklyn unsure what year it was. Steve was under the ice but he could have run into his mother at that point. God, the heart break.

Then he spent the 90s on ice, in a storage area until some enterprising General realised what he was and sold him outright to Hydra. Plenty of activity in the 2000s as Hydra aim to destabilise the world.

Making this has been a challenge. I began by thinking I would collect historical footage of major world events – the Vietnam war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the American invasion of Afghanistan. But this was problematic because 1, I did not want to show identifiable people, 2, I did not want to show real people dead 3, the film qualities varied so enormously with the historical footage that I could not make it all fit together, and 4, almost all the footage available online is of Western events which seems unbalanced for a global war.

So then I decided to use footage from historical movies. This means I don’t have to worry about showing actual violence or dead people and the film quality is consistent. There’s still a bias towards the West, but I’ve done what I can with footage from movies set in Pakistan, Rwanda and Uganda, so as to imply a global sphere of activities. Though the biases in my own historical knowledge are clear – I knew the dates for Bloody Sunday, the Kennedy assassination, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Vietnam war off the top of my head. I’ve had to look up when anti-colonialist and other wars took place in the African continent.

However, it’s still interestingly challenging as I need to show him being a competent assassin but can’t show even distant footage of him in hand to hand or with a knife because of his mechanical arm. Also because Sebastian Stan has a very characteristic swaying walk, which is hard to find emulated. So I’ve wound up with a lot of shots of explosions (I’m going with these as disguised assassinations) and various battle grounds (I assume he was there picking off key peacemakers so as to escalate tensions).

I’ve set it to the most tragic music I know – Tchaikovsky’s *Swan Lake*.

I have been fiddling and fiddling with this. Especially as I can’t afford decent software so I am doing it in clunky old IMovie which is not really suitable.

And I’ve just found Lim’s vid which totally goes over the same ground, only better and in a compact way. You should all look at this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj-2bpF7XJM

But also, when I finish it, you should look at my vid.
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I have just started reading a history of gay Americans in WWII. I am only up to early 1941 and the army has already had to invent the convoluted concept of a ‘reverse malingerer’, ie. a person who should be exempt from conscription but whose patriotism compelled them to sneak into the armed services. Steve Rogers, with his repeated attempts to enlist, was a reverse malingerer.
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Do you remember that scene at the beginning of The Winter Soldier when Sam Wilson asks Steve how he finds the 21st century. He clearly expects a grumpy old man the grass was greener in the past answer, but gets a really positive answer. One of my favourite insights into Steve’s radical nature.

So a while back at church the Minister asked the congregation to talk about whether things were better now or worse than in the 1950s. I was mentally shuddering because the average age in the congregation is like the far side of 75 and I expected a fairly conservative response. I am one of the young ones and I’m in my mid-40s. I expected a whole lot of talk about how much better things were in the mythical 1950s in which there was vast economic prosperity and everyone knew their place.

But! The very first person said how wonderful the eradication of polio was. Like that was the top of mind comparison to the past for someone who remembered that disease. And the next person said how brilliant immunisation is and how children don’t die now of diseases which used to kill. Bear in mind that these people certainly saw their siblings and friends die and probably their children too.

Then there was an outpouring of positive statements. Nowadays women don’t have to quit work when they get married! They earn a lot more than they used to when jobs were listed separately! Aboriginal people are citizens (though obviously there are still problems there)! One of the most amazing statements was from a man who said ‘remember the excitement’ of the 1970s when almost every day a new nation appeared, with people seeking freedom in Africa and Asia (although also still problems there)!

My take away – people are basically nice! And also, eradicating polio is a really big deal!
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Being in the Captain America fandom has led me to Thomas Paine. Did you know that Roosevelt quoted from his Crisis when he made his great speech to rally the people against fascism after Pearl Harbour?

'These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.’

Bucky Barnes, future Winter Soldier, would have heard that.

June Books

Jul. 3rd, 2015 04:49 pm
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Lots of Captain America graphic novels and a very interesting book about the American civil war. I want to know more about what people thought they were fighting for.

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