Oct. 16th, 2017 06:25 pm
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Arrrrrgh, so Ruby's orthotics appointment at PMH will not come up until next July.

I feel a strongly worded letter to the Minister of Health coming up.

Also, can anyone recommend a good, cheapish orthopedics place? The quotes from the private providers recommended by PMH were all around $500 and I was really thinking more like $100.
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My name is Ruby and I read McElligot's Pool by Dr Seuss. Just like the Lorax book I like it because you get to imagine what happens after the end. You have to imagine the end.

This book won Seuss's first Caldicott medal in 1947, thus fulfilling the 'medal winner' category in our picture book challenge. I had not read it as a child and loved everything about it except the use of black and white illustrations on alternate pages. I had not realised there was a post-war publishing crisis in the USA as well as in Europe and Australia - I assume this would be the cause.


Jan. 9th, 2017 05:34 pm
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We went to the maritime museum in Fremantle on the weekend.

Plus – The girls were very interested and well behaved (though strangely louder than every other child there – I can always tell where my kids are just by cocking an ear to the loudest noise around). We went to the park and had lunch and they played while I read *Treasure Island*.

Minus – Ruby still struggles with walking so far, about two and half kilometres altogether I’d say. She was flagging by the end. And I found carrying all our food and water troublesome, since we can’t eat at cafes. Perhaps a backpack in future.


Jan. 5th, 2017 05:59 pm
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I no longer have pre-primary kids. I now have big, school age kids – Ruby is going into Grade one.

Time to stop and reflect that life is much easier. Things that I no longer have to do – for instance, going out is so much easier. They walk to the car and get in – Pearl does up her seatbelt. Ruby’s hands are not strong enough to buckle herself in but she can unbuckle the belt and also open the door from the outside though not the inside.

Time was when Pearl’s anxiety meant she could not be left in the car so every trip to the petrol station involved unstrapping them, taking them in, shepherding them back and then restrapping them. Time was when her anxiety was so intense that if I walked around the back of the car rather than the front of it where she could see me, she would freak out.

Things are certainly improving greatly and my life is much easier in many ways. Although, conversely, this just frees up time for paid work. But at least that means more money.

I have always felt that having children is a bit like being hit viciously and repeatedly in the face. This is not going to convince the childless that it is great having kids, but to me this is how it feels:

Here is your baby, she is lovely. BLAM – she can’t breathe. Now you can hug her. THWACK – she chokes on the milk, she has no suck reflex. Finally out of hospital? Then WHACK! It’s time to notice she is super floppy and take her around a series of doctors who will pooh-pooh your concerns as those of an over-anxious first time mother until BLAM! They decide it is serious and suggest it might be cerebral palsy.

WHACK! Your child fails to thrive. The doctor describes her legs as wasted. PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH. No one can diagnose her problems. Got that under control? Hours of physio! Because she can’t balance properly, she can’t be toilet trained! PUNCH! Your child is ‘odd’ and not doing well at school.

Parenthood is a long series of happy moments interspersed with being BEATEN at random, unanticipated moments.

I read a thoughtpiece once where a woman said that parenting was like slogging through a leech infested jungle in the rain and every now and then you come into a clearing where the sun shines down and you see butterflies. Then back to the jungle.

For me, there is a lot more of the happy periods but they are certainly interspersed with being punched in the face.
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I was impressed by my kids this weekend. Pearl went on her first sleep over. She behaved well and did not freak out, to my impressed surprise.

I had thought Ruby would be jealous when Pearl left but she was actually heart broken. She kept hugging her and telling her how much she loved her. ‘One more hug, one more kiss.’ Of course she has no memory of not sharing the room with Pearl, except when she has been in hospital, and she was very anxious that Pearl might not come back. ‘What if our car breaks down and Baby_Elvis’ car breaks down and all the taxis break down? What would happen then?’

the week

Nov. 14th, 2016 05:17 pm
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So, what a rollercoaster this week has been.

On the bad side: the American election, the triumph of hatred, racism and misogyny, and the inevitable effects on Australia’s drift to the right. We finally got to go to the incontinence clinic and they think that Ruby has two to five years to go until continence. We also got to see the orthopaedics people who said that there is nothing that can be done to relieve the pain in her feet, knees and hips. She just has to live with it. The lion at the zoo died unexpectedly.

On the good side: The thirteen month wait to get into the incontinence clinic is over. I was so depressed that I went to the beautician and pampered myself (for the first time in eight years). Ruby likes her new pet fish. Hilary won the popular vote. Because Americans don’t have compulsory voting, it’s not 50% of the population who voted for hatred but only 25%. Because I had the day off to go to medical appointments with Ruby, I also got to go to the school excursion to see *Snugglepot and Cuddlepie* which was surprisingly good. I particularly liked the way they made the Banksia men still scary but less racist. Here’s a picture for non-Australians, with bonus Snugglepot and Little Ragged Blossum.


Yep, that’s about it on the good side, a less racist Banksia man than was envisioned in 1915.

3 Things

Sep. 12th, 2016 05:57 pm
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1, We went to an Educated by Nature event on Saturday and the girls very much enjoyed working with tools. Pearl liked the hand drill and made a lot of holes in some soft wood. Sophia then hammered nails through. They made a sculpture of a hedgehog which impresses me.

2, The girls let me sleep in the afternoon since I felt so rotten. When I awoke I discovered they had eaten a litre of ice cream while watching *Aladdin*, but still, I got to sleep.

3, People were kind enough to come over on Sunday which was good because the girls were super boisterous and needed to run about while I talked to an adult.
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1, I am pleased that the next *Thor* movie is being partly filmed in Australia and is apparently a coffee shop AU where Thor and Loki spend a lot of time choosing lattes together. Good, they need to talk.

2, Ruby made up a song: ‘You want me to say hello to the baby, but they baby is too young. I say hello, the baby says googoo.’ Clearly inspired by the Beatles.

3, Pearl’s NAPLAN results are not nearly as bad as the teacher had warned. I’m very pleased that she did well in reading, since this is a constant pleasure in my life.

3 Things

Aug. 15th, 2016 06:03 pm
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1, Lovely weather over the weekend.

2, Ruby informs me that she is a ‘fan of bottoms’. She has an ad from Lush showing a whole lot of women with no clothes on facing away from the camera. She wants me to photocopy it so it can go on her wall. I am going to assume this is some typical developmental phase.

3, The electrician who came by on Friday was both competent and cheap. And reassuring! My daughters said I was ‘milking it’ when I demanded sympathy after receiving an electric shock from the outside light. But the electrician was concerned and Western Power wound up calling the strata agents to inform them that other original light fixtures would all need replacing as the earthing line on mine has corroded. About half the units probably still have the original lights. So I have a working light and we’ve warned others about the possible dangers.

3 Things

Jul. 25th, 2016 06:05 pm
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1, The girls both adored karate, and had huge grins on their faces as they did it. The class is aimed at kids and the teachers seemed very good at providing lots of positive feedback. Pearl most enjoyed kicking a bag and Ruby most enjoyed the game of dodge ball they played.

2, Ruby has been exhausted ever since she did karate but nonetheless set off to school with some enthusiasm today. PrePrimary are having a presentation on why hospitals are good. I thought she might be reluctant to go as she has well founded fears of hospitals, but instead she took my suggestion that she would be an ‘expert’ and ran with it. She knows *all* about hospitals, down to being a connoisseur of the best waiting rooms at the local children’s hospital.

3, I was finally well enough to start cleaning up the backlog in the house. For example, the things brought home at the end of last term are now put away.

3 Things

Jul. 14th, 2016 05:34 pm
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1, The heater in my room is not really broken. It just stopped working the other day because it was so frosty. Since that’s a one off occurrence in the past eight years, no need to worry.

2, I am making my way through the Narnia books with Pearl. I had forgotten how very much I like them.

3, I am very nearly over this cold, though Ruby is pretty darn sick indeed. Sick enough to be willing to admit it, though not sick enough to be willing to see a doctor.

A favour?

Jul. 9th, 2016 09:03 am
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Our holiday plan has been abandoned. I am now well enough to drive but Ruby has succumbed to the horror illness and is lying on the couch crying.

I was wondering if anyone would be free to take Pearl for the day? She is going out of her mind with boredom, having been trapped at home with sick people every day of the holidays so far.

2 things

Jun. 20th, 2016 06:13 pm
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1, We went to a farmer’s market yesterday morning and the colourful purple, orange, white and yellow baby carrots were enough to tempt even Pearl to eat them.

2, In the afternoon we went for a short bush walk at King’s Park. Ruby is definitely getting more able to cover distance – probably 750 metres.

3 Things

Jun. 8th, 2016 05:45 pm
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1, I was amused by the game of ‘hashtag’ going on at OSH when I picked up the girls. ‘Hashtag: Hello.’ ‘Hashtag: Are you Pearl’s Mum?’ ‘Hashtag: Is Ruby going home now?’


2, I went to the cross country run last week. I very much enjoyed the hilarity of the junior running. The girl who lead the pre-primary pack dashed the wrong way at the last moment and came third because she had to be lifted over a fence and back onto the track. One of the pre-primary boys lost a shoe. By the time he put it back on, was comforted and trotted around the track, all the other boys had finished so they doubled back to run the last part with him.

My children, of course, both came dead last.

3, I love lying in bed listening to the rain.

3 Things

May. 3rd, 2016 06:30 pm
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1, I have been investigating aids for children with weak hands, to help Ruby with pulling up her pants. I am going to begin with some training and if that doesn’t make her faster, we can try the fabulous underwear with handles recommended by the Independent Living Centre.

2, I am optimistic that there will be a change in Government.

3, Although I am sad that all my favourite coworkers are leaving, it’s great that they are getting such lovely jobs. A farewell each fortnight seems to be the pattern at the moment.

3 things

Apr. 21st, 2016 05:53 pm
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1, Driving my car is an everyday luxury. For the twenty plus years I’ve been driving I’ve clashed my gears and sometimes wound up in the wrong gear, but now I have an automatic. I won’t be going back!

2, Ruby has gone through a bit of a developmental leap and wanders about muttering ‘three way words’ to herself: ‘C-A-T cat, S-A-T sat’.

3, Baby_Elvis’ daughter has introduced me to Taylor Swift, and I am totally enjoying her.
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1, I am wearing my funky, new, Very Hungry Caterpillar themed underwear. Also, they were made by people who were paid an actual wage (thunderpants.co.nz). All the rest of my clothes were no doubt made in a sweatshop, but my knickers are sweat free.

2, I have managed to secure some free OT for Ruby. There were two nearly identical programs, one free and the other costing $480.

3, I am reading some more Stephen King, an excellent author I had previously snobbishly dismissed as writing about creepy clowns and big dogs.

Swancon 3

Mar. 29th, 2016 04:25 pm
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Having reflected, I would say that this was not only my best con for ages but also the best con the girls have had. Because they are getting older, they were able to attend some panels and enjoyed at least one (the previews of forthcoming movies for kids). Ruby really enjoyed the children’s book reading. She told me ‘I clapped til my hands hurt’.

And they adored the children’s masquerade. I think next year they might be old enough to go to the proper masquerade (gasp!). Pearl went as the Wicked Witch of the West and Ruby was the cutest flying monkey ever.


Nov. 14th, 2015 12:46 pm
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I have to say that Ruby has set the bar very high when it comes to suffering in silence. I am pretty sure that if I break my arm I will want more than a little Panadol.

She hates being sick and hates being in hospital and attempted to convince them to let her go with arm unset. I did not realise she would be so reluctant to go out in public now that she has an *enormous* cast.

She does not like people to comment on her health, so the barrage of well meaning comments is making her very upset. Through a combination of bribery and cajolery I have got her to admit she will have to at the very least attend school and occasionally go to the shops.
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Which is that they could not determine if Neurofin was gluten free or not. Answer determined today: strawberry yes, orange no. So she had about half the amount of pain killer that most kids get.


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